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"Mini panoptikum textilből..."

Babakiállítás Felsőlajos
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Guba Rózsa Babakiállítás és Művészeti Galéria Felsőlajos

Let's recall the past together in this "mini panopticon made of textiles"! Take part in an hour's journey through time, how our ancestors lived and dressed from antiquity to the retro era, both poor and rich. 
This is not a traditional doll museum or doll collection, but this exhibition is not about toy dolls either. Folk artist Rózsa Guba's own works made of textiles focus on fashion history and folk customs; who even guides the visitors through the guided tours of the artists' exhibitions on weekends, spicing up the view of the processed and exhibited works with lots of interesting historical facts. It provides an unforgettable experience for ladies and gentlemen, young and old alike.

An experience for the whole family...


Get to know the creator and his creations.
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Creative guided tour at the weekend!

Guba Rózsa Doll Exhibition and Art Gallery FELSőLAJOS is OPEN !
Address: 6055 Felsőlajos, Közös 164/A.
Contact: +36 70 2764600 

Informations, Opening Hours :


Opening hours :

Enrtrance fees :

Discounts :

Weekends - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m
Open gates, registration NOT NECESSARY!

Weekdays by appointment from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Adult: HUF 1900
Child/student up to the age of 14: HUF 1,400

Please note that tickets can only be purchased on the spot and in cash!

Group discount: 20% (Minimum 10 people, registered 24 hours before the visit!) The group discount cannot be combined with other discounts and can only be applied to adult, child and pensioner tickets.


 The indicated free and percentage discounts cannot be combined either individually or as a group! 

Free entry :

We provide free entry to the following persons upon verification of the relevant conditions on site:
- Permanent resident of Felsőlajos, verified with a residential address card

- Group escorts, tour guides - 1 escort free entry / 10 visitors


Contact :

Marozsyné Guba Rózsa e.v.
Address: Hungary, 6055. Felsőlajos, Közös 164/A.
Phone.: +36 70 276-4600
E-mail :

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A pleasant taste of more than 160 
for an exhibited work...

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