In December 2022, we launched an old idea of ours, the permanent Guba Rózsa Art & Doll Gallery, in Felsőlajos, Hungary. According to our plans, we always try to show our visitors something new, so we periodically present a varied collection of Guba Rózsa dolls from freshly made and old folk costume and fashion history pieces, provide an insight into the "mysteries" of doll making through a presentation workshop, and from time to time we also give space to works of other interesting art forms. , so that dolls don't always have the main role.

On December 3, 2022 the Guba Rózsa Doll Exhibition and Art Gallery FELSőLAJOS will OPEN !
Address: 6055 Felsőlajos, Közös 164/A.
Contact: +36 70 2764600 

Current exhibition:
Guba Rózsa Christmas Doll Exhibition 2022.


Informations, Opening Hours :


Contact :

Marozsyné Guba Rózsa e.v.
Address: Hungary, 6055. Felsőlajos, Közös 164/A.
Phone.: +36 70 276-4600
E-mail : gubaoffice@gmail.com

Enrtrance fees :

Adult: HUF 1900
Child/student up to the age of 18: HUF 1,200
Pensioner over 65+ : HUF 1,600

Family ticket (for max. 4 persons - adults, children): 5900 HUF
Please note that tickets can only be purchased on the spot and in cash!

Discounts :

Group discount: 20% (Minimum 10 people, registered 24 hours before the visit!) The group discount cannot be combined with other discounts and can only be applied to adult, child and pensioner tickets.


Opening hours :

The Guba Rózsa Christmas Doll Exhibition is open at the following times from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:
- December 2-6, 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
- December 9-11, 2022 (Friday Saturday Sunday)
- December 16-18, 2022 (Friday Saturday Sunday)
- December 23, 2022 (Friday)
- December 30, 2022 (Friday)
- January 6-8, 2023 (Friday Saturday Sunday)


Free entry :

We provide free entry to the following persons upon verification of the relevant conditions on site:
- Permanent resident of Felsőlajos, verified with a residential address card

- Teachers by presenting a "hungarian teachers certificate" not older than 180 days

- Tour guides by presenting a valid "guide card (BFKH)";.

- Press staff, for the purpose of making a report, at a pre-arranged time (can be arranged by calling +36 70 6314-220)
- Group escorts, tour guides - 1 escort free entry / 10 visitors


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