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Original archives based on..
Figures made of textiles.

An exhibition of unique works of applied art from a special branch of art, where the figures are made entirely of textiles, based on original paintings and photographs.

© Guba Rózsa Babakiállítás Doll Gallery museum Szentendre
© Guba Rózsa Babakiállítás Doll Gallery museum Szentendre
From ancient to retro...
A miniature presentation of our fashion history.

With her creations, the artist guides us through the evolution of our fashion history, from antiquity to the retro era.

The artist

Mrs. Rózsa Guba, a folk craftswoman, makes all of her model dolls herself, starting from the unique sculpting of the sculptural negative of the faces from plaster to the shaping of the head, body and clothing from textiles. The basis of the figures and scenes is usually a contemporary painting, daguerreotype or photograph, which in the case of Hungarian scenes often come from own collections or local processing. In all cases, he tries to make his dolls from the most reliable source for the age.
As for the materials used for the clothes, he tries to recycle old textiles in an environmentally conscious way, even if symbolically.
Thus, it is not uncommon for hundreds of years of lace or a few tens of years of fabric to appear in his creations

© Guba Rózsa Babakiállítás Doll Gallery museum Szentendre
© Guba Rózsa Babakiállítás Doll Gallery museum Szentendre
The experience

Many people say that Mrs. Rózsa Guba's dolls almost have "souls"... They certainly have a mirrored individuality, since they speak about us, about people and humanity in the language of art, but in a way that everyone can understand, made of textiles in 3 dimensions. We are not a traditional doll museum, the our art dolls shown here are not a collection of antiques made by others, but they were not made as toy dolls, but the artist's own creations, constantly changing and being updated. Rather, we are a mini panopticon made of textiles, which affects the senses and not only the figures of famous people appear here, but also our extinct crafts or bohemians from the history of fashion can be seen and felt, that is, pictures of life from the everyday life of our history and history.

Where you can find us...

Szentendre, Bogdányi u. 34.


Opening: can be visited from March 26, 2024!

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
From Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00


Senior 65+ entrance fee,
for visitors over the age of 65:
1900 HUF

Proof of eligibility (over 65 years of age) is required upon entry.

The price list is valid from March 1, 2024 until withdrawn!

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